Who We Are

Special Purpose-driven Vehicle (SPV) of Howes International Incorporation USA
Integrated Consulting Solution Firm
Backed by a consortium of leading global partners providing holistic Business transformation and architecting to drive Peak Performance Culture.
Work with global partners in multiple domains, including: Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Financial Services, FMCGs, Manufacturing and Health care
Delivers valuable services on Business Diagnosis, Competency Analyses, Talent Development and Performance Culture
A member of the Change Facilitation Associates Network – CFAN a Global Network for Exploring, Creating and Celebrating Change
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Our Vision

Bringing out the best in people for Holistic Business Transformation and Architecting to drive Peak Performance Culture.

Our Mission

We help Leadership Inspiration to unlock human potentials for development of Strategies to drive much needed Transformation

Our Value

Purpose-Driven, Honesty and Dedication

  • Human Capital is the most important asset of any firm
  • Every being when well engaged is capable of making significant contribution given the right conditions and attitude
  • In Leadership – Character, Commitment, Communication, Compass, Competence, Confidence, Connection, Consistency, Contribution & Courage matter

Sustainable Transformation of your employees behaviors and process to execute your Organization’s strategies through a complementary craft of integrated consulting solution, coaching, learning and development

  • Howes Incorporation; a US-based Integrated Consulting Solution Group
  • Global Network – A member of the Change Facilitation Associates Network – CFAN a Global Network for Exploring, Creating and Celebrating Change
  • Backed by a consortium of  highly skilled and experienced leading global experts in USA, Europe, Asia & Africa providing practical holistic support
  • Accreditation by various Partners like BSN-The Netherlands, CMOE-USA, SQI-USA, Ext.DISC-Finland.
  • Work in multiple domains, including: Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Financial Services, FMCGs, Manufacturing and Healthcare

Our Tracking

  • Sales
  • Market Share
  • Profit
  • Defection Rate
  • Customer Count
  • Customer Complaints

Our Tracking

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Repeat Business
  • Employee Turnover: Actual Number
  • Employee Turnover: Cost to Replace
  • Shrinkage/Theft
  • Tardiness

Our Tracking

  • Absenteeism
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Grievances
  • Claims
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Standard


  • We help Businesses to effectively, efficiently, and reliably discuss, define, design, deliver and drive aggressive business transformation
  • We Propel Power, Passion, People, Purpose, Principles, Partnership, Professionalism, Process, Productivity, Profitability & Peak Performance
  • We help transform organizations into better versions of themselves
  • We help maximize the potential of our clients existing assets
  • We help improve the behavioural effectiveness of all your employees
  • We help deliver results consistently and predictably on a scale and speed our clients would not be able to achieve on their own
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Cost savings on operations

Our comprehensive Strategic Acculturation programs will add significant quality value to organisations and individuals in the area of personal and organizational strategic leadership and cultural transformation in the following ways:

Analyses of Strategy Service Gaps analyses through pre-and post-programme Surveys

Strategy creating, planning & execution

Improving the leadership and service culture

Identify the Strengths & weaknesses of the organisation

Develop initiatives to address VUCAR challenges with VUCAR Solutions peculiar to Nigeria market – (Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility & Resilience)

Understanding the challenges of Leading change in the Nigeria and African Environments 

Identification of Systems and Process challenges through survey feedback

Addressing Technology, People, Processes and Policies

Addressing various categories of staff from top to bottom through interventions of choice.

Introduction of Initiatives that will reorient people and build truly lasting culture

Building a culture of Excellent Relationship Management reflecting knowledge expertise, accessibility and service orientation

Develop a robust plan of action (POA) that will effectively & efficiently  move the organisation to the next level

  • Engagement of the relevant Stakeholders: Management & employees

    -Involvement of the stakeholders through active participation in driving the expected culture in the organisation as well as delivering the desired outcomes as perceived by various stakeholders.

  • Pre Course Assessment : To develop perceptual maps that would highlight individual / organization’s core strengths and areas for improvement as perceived by various stakeholders. We also suggest that prior to the programme, a quick online survey be administered to leaders & customers of the institute to form a baseline for current practices and to identify possible gaps that can be subsequently addressed.
  • Service Monitoring Evaluation (Customer Survey)-The Way You are -To evaluate as well as monitor service delivery among all your distributors & customers using areas for improvement as perceived by various stakeholders.
  • Howes Action Learning Acculturation Model (HALAM) - Designed to enrich mind-set, skills, attitude, habits, behavior, character, commitment and competence of Adult learners. Conduct quarterly intervention to drive the cultural transformation
  • Reinforcements for 13 weeks after the workshop -- -This is in line with earlier findings on adult learning studies, this helps to turn the KNOWLEDGE they have gained into SKILLS