• The LAW program covers all the key lifestyle aspects of retirement from health and leisure to work and relationships. They also cover the key financial decisions including the opportunities as a result of 'pension freedom'.
  • In particular, the program is founded on establishing at the outset the feelings of the participants about change, their hopes and concerns for retirement, recognising the potential issues and opportunities in retirement and making change work for them.
  • The program is interactive and really engage participants in thinking and planning retirement from their own perspective.
  • This program is designed to equip participants with relevant skills and exposure on how to manage their lives after retirement
  • To define areas with a potential to improve by giving feedback on how the company is perceived from a customer’s perspective.
  • To be used in the right way to increase sales, satisfied customers, satisfied employees and profit.
  • To identify learning & development needs and small problems before they expand.
  • Employees can get feedback on how their performance is perceived from a customer’s perspective.
  • The organisation receives a unified follow up of the concept and the service level, which is a helpful work tool for benchmarking and continuous improvements on all levels in the organization.
  • Mystery Shopping can also be used for incentive programs and as a part of the Organisational Balanced Score Card.

Howes mystery shopping covers the following areas in totality:

  • Operating standards, processes and procedures
  • Marketing – brand promise
  • Compliance and Industry best practices
  • Voice of the customer feedback – experience & satisfaction
  • Voice of Employee
  • Physical ambience & attractiveness
  • Employee appearance & Behaviour
  • Response time and waiting time
  • Quality Assurance
  • Fraud & Risk Management
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